Dave Keller

Dave Keller, an accomplished craftsman and architectural artist from Glen Rock, Pa., has spent over 40 years preserving the architectural history of Southern York County, one building at a time. Dave is self-taught, having built tree-houses as a child and purchased and renovated his first house at 19 years of age. Since then, his interests and skills have expanded to encompass all facets of the work required to renovate historic properties.

At 22, given the opportunity to acquire a cast-off log house, Dave disassembled it, numbered the parts, and created diagrams to facilitate reassembly. This project led him to specialize in disassembling and reassembling log cabins and barns, enriching his expertise and sparking his enthusiasm for early construction methods, styles, and proportions.

Recognizing and appreciating the many shared characteristics of architecture and furniture, Dave developed other interests:

  • In the 1980s, Dave began a stained-glass business and designed windows for residential and commercial installations. After acquiring a kiln, he was able to do glass bending, producing a series of lamps, all of them focused on traditional styles and forms.
  • During this time, Dave also designed and created hand-carved gold leaf signs.
  • Dave considers the design and construction of the kitchen cabinets to be the reward at the end of every restoration project. He incorporates the design elements of the building into the cabinetry and trim work, creating a harmonious feel with a modern function.
  • Furniture-making is another passion that developed over the years, and Dave has created many heirloom pieces, including china closets, cabinets (corner, apothecary, Dutch, jelly), nightstands, tables, footstools, bookcases, chests, shaving mirrors and tool carriers, among others.
  • Along with these interests, Dave continued to buy and sell antiques.

Dave’s interest in buying and selling antiques, combined with his abilities to rehabilitate old buildings led to the birth of the Shrewsbury Antique Center, an enterprise that began with the repurposing of an old chicken house and grew into a successful multi-vendor antiques market.

After 10 years of operation, the decision was made to double the size of the existing building. Today the Shrewsbury Antique Center is recognized as one of the finest antique malls in the mid-Atlantic region. After 28 years, it is Shrewsbury’s largest, and York County’s oldest, multi dealer shop.

Since selling the Shrewsbury Antique Center in 2015, Dave has devoted all of his efforts to the Seitzland project.